Meet The Team

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Pooja Kumari Nair


She is the principal architect at Zigzagsymmetries who loves to guide the clients and always trusts to bring solutions to the table. She has an eye for aesthetics and can envision the concepts supremely. Attention to the details and breaking the monotony is what she truly believes in.

Pooja can create magic not just in high-end luxury spaces but also for some budget-friendly small spaces. “Even small spaces can be quirky and innovative with just space-saving approach.

  • Functional
  • Idea Driven
  • Chic
  • Quirky
  • Tailor Made
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Srikant Nair

Marketing and material expert

He takes care of team management and helps in procuring different materials. He never compromises on the quality and nature of any material. Also, Srikant is quite good at maintaining pleasant relations with the clients and helps to create a balanced equilibrium amongst the client, vendors, and laborers.